Puerto Rico Tax Incentives – Act 20, Act 73, Act 22 and other – Filing Fees

Puerto Rico Tax Incentives – Act 20, Act 73, Act 22 and other – Filing Fees

Filing Fees 1

This is an unofficial copy of the Filing Fee schedule from the Department of Economic Development and Commerce. Porto Capital does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy and/or changes made to this schedule. 


The filing fees will be paid only by Certificate check, Manager’s Check or Money Order, in the order of the Secretary of the Treasury. The Department of Economic Development and Commerce does not accept vouchers, except as described in section fifteen (15).


  • New Application/Case;
  • Transfer of shares between related companies
2 $4.500.00
  • Renegotiations, Consolidations, Waivers and Additional Exemptions2
  • Transfer of control of
    non-affiliated companies
  • Extensions3
  • Cases under Section 16(b)(3)4
3 $500.00
  • Oppositions
  • Conversions
4 $450.00
  • Amendments (any change in address, change in name of entity, to add or remove municipalities, to add or remove products or services, request special clauses, fixing date of effectiveness or postponement for up to 4 years since the Decree was approved and it has not been elected, when the term to unconditionally accept a decree or amendment)
  • Transfer of shares without change in control
5 $50.00
  • Applications under Sections 3(f), 6(f), y 10(b)5
  • Submittal or issuance of any certificate; sworn statement or affidavit to clarify information about the application that is in process, but has not been approved; unconditional acceptance of Decree or Amendments; notification of residence (Act 22); determination of commencement of operations (if made within the year of the Decree being approved) or any other sworn document for which filing fee has not been set expressly.
6 $100.00
  • Revocation
7 $300.00
  • Annual Reports
8 $5,000.00
  • One-time fee established by virtue of Act 241-2014 – Special Fund under the Act to Promote
    the Transfer of Individual Investors to Puerto Rico6
9  $0.00
  • Report for Novel Pioneering Activity[1],Order of clarification where OITE, Department of Treasury or PRIDCO omitted or mistakenly did not include information submitted in the application.
  1. Filing fees are subject to revision. All payments should be made to the attention of the Secretary of the Department of Treasury of Puerto Rico, by Manager’s Check or Money Order, with the exception of the “Act 22 – One-Time Fee of $5,000” (see footnote 7).
  2. The Grantee must have complied with the filing of their annual reports.
  3. Sections corresponding to Act 135-1997 and Act 8-1987.
  4. Section corresponding to Act 73-2008.
  5. Sections corresponding to Act 8-1987, Act 135-1997 and Act 73-2008.
  6. To be satisfied through a voucher purchase at a Tax Collector’s Office of the Puerto Rico Department of Treasury.
  7. Request must be filed with the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company.


Porto Capital does not assume any responsibility on the accuracy of the DDEC’s filing fees nor we assume responsibility to update this information.

If you have a question, or comment related to the tax compliance under the Puerto Rico Tax Code and the Internal Revenue Code, feel free to send me an email to the contact information below.

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