Restructuring and Turnaround Services

Restructuring and Turnaround Services

Porto Capital focuses on providing Restructuring and Turnaround Services to small and medium sized-business. We make sure businesses find certainty in turbulent times and solid ground to revitalize the business entity. We work with owners, management, counsel, and investors to analyze, identify, develop and execute restructuring plans that can restore a company’s growth and profits and reestablish its reputation with its employees, vendors, and commercial banks.

To do this, Porto Capital provides services including strategic planning, financial advisory, interim management, commercial and private lender negotiation, and exit strategies. Porto Capital works with businesses both in out-of-court and in bankruptcy proceedings, to achieve a satisfactory and cost-efficient outcome. We can become interim managers, or independent restructuring advisor to managers, lenders, directors or investors.

All turnaround and/or restructurings require a similar path to success:


  • Assess of the existing financial and operating status of the business
  • Review a financial projection to evaluate viability of future operations
  • Identify causes and sources of distress, whether financial, industry, or operational
  • Hand-on cash-flow management and cash-flow modeling
  • Account receivables and payables management
  • Identify alternative financing options
  • Wind-down or divestiture analysis
  • Analyzing feasibility of business plans
  • Identify cost reduction opportunities
Plan Development
  • Develop a restructuring plan
  • If necessary, replace existing management by interim executives
  • Identifying new managers
  • Manage employee and supplier expectations
  • Identify revenue enhancement opportunities
  • Execute restructuring plan


In this process, we can negotiate with commercial and private lenders new sources of financing that adjust to the particular business profile. We can negotiate better terms, in order to enhance all stakeholders’ financial success.

We provide financial advice, business restructuring and turnaround services, bankruptcy services, litigation services, valuation, corporate finance sourcing, profit improvement and tax structuring.


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