Selected Engagements

Porto Capital provides Startup, Structuring, Tax Planning & CFO Services.

Below, a list of engagements we have been engaged by our clients:


  • Engaged to advise on the Latin American corporate structure for an international technology company.
  • Engaged by multiple entrepreneurs to incorporate and structure new businesses, and obtain all compliance documents and paperwork to start operations.
  • Engaged by Act 22 Investors to establish their Puerto Rico operations.



  • Engaged by a financial services and asset management company to restructure their internal accounting and financial information systems and procedures.
  • Engaged by a multinational consumer products goods to redefine one of their core businesses strategy.
  • Engaged by a manufacturing company to restructure their entire operations, due to profitability and liquidity problems.
  • Engaged by a real estate investment corporation to restructure the operation with several subsidiaries in different states of the US.

CFO Services

  • Engaged by an investor to research, identify and acquire a regional charter airline.
  • Engaged by a professional services firm to advise on their day-to-day operations, growth strategies, employee matters, market penetration, etc.
  • Engaged to advice a startup in their fundraising efforts, as well as application for permits and tax decrees, etc.
  • Engaged by a professional services firm to diagnostic their financial operations, provide SWOT analysis, growth strategy roadmap and establish financial reporting dashboards.
  • Engaged to advice several technology startups in their international expansion efforts.

Tax Planning

  • Engaged by a real estate investment company on how to set up their corporate and tax structure in Puerto Rico.
  • Engaged by several Act 22 investors to apply for their Act 22 tax incentive decrees, and structure an Act 20 companies for their export services businesses, as well as prepare and file all tax returns related to the business and the individuals.
  • Engaged by several law firms to advise in their tax structure, as well as file all corporate/business tax returns and the shareholders.

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